Net S10

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• With High-precision GNSS board, it supports 4 satellite constellations signal
• Rugged alluminium body resists collision, scratch, drop, press, etc.
• Equipped with Cortex-A5 processor and Linux system, it brings faster computing speed
• Multi format data recording (STH, RINEX2.x, RINEX3.x, BINEX).
• Rich indicating lights on front panel facilitate the configuration for receiver without the
to transferring can be seamlessly Guaranteed.
firmly ensures the data safety.
and higher stablility.
• Adopting the SM2+SM4 Encryption algorithm, the security from data logging, storage
• Up to 10000 System logs record every operations. Misoperation can be traced easily.
• WIFI and Bluetooth make receiver's configuration very easy.
• In case of internet failure, inbuilt Radio can make the receiver continue to work and
delivery differential correction data to Rover.
• Inbuilt 10000mAh Li-ion battery provides upto 20 hours work duration.
• 64G internal memory+external storage (up to 1T) automatic circular storage.
• 10MHz external frequency input, 1 PPS output, 1 event input, Met/Tilt sensor input.


GNSS Signal


1598, 336 (optional) L1C/A, L2E, L2C, L5 B1, B2, B3
L1C/A, L2P, L2C/A, L2P  E1, E5A, E5B, B5AltBOC, E6
Depends on the installing board

Intelligent and dynamic high sensitivity positioning technology to adapt rough working environment 
and longer working range
Initialization time: <45 s (cold start) Reliability: >99.9%


Data Save/ Output

Autonomous Differential GPS
Long observation static
Static and fast static Realtime kinematic Internal memory Removable storage Position update rate
Differential data output Navigation data output

Static data format  Data retrieval Concurrent data logging Ethernet
Serial port

H: 3 m, V: 5 m(1 sigma, PDOP< 3)
H: 25cm+1ppm, V: 50+1 ppm
H: 2.5mm+0.1ppm, V: 5mm+0.4ppm H: 3mm+0.5ppm, V: 5mm+0.5ppm  H: 8mm+1ppm, V:15mm+1ppm 64G(support 
1TB), auto cycling save
Support external removable storage upto 1 T 0.05Hz,0.1Hz,0.2Hz,1Hz,2Hz,5Hz,10Hz,20Hz,50Hz (depends 
on installation option) RTCM2.x,RTCM3.x,CMR,sCMRx,Novatelx,Binex
Data download by HTTP, FTP, pen drive copy 8 independent logging
Supports TCP/IP data stream, ntrip server, client, caster, HTTP, FTP Support multi independent data 
streams,navigation data, observation data, differential correction data

Communication Bluetooth
Phone network Authority level System log
Password authentication

Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 2.4GHz
2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n, supports hotspot and client mode Selectable(1W/2W/3W) 
3 Level(Super administrator, Auditor, administrator)
Log records up to 10000 for all the operations done with system
Allows multi-characters combination for password and multi authentications



Encryption algorithm Digital certificate System security

External power supply Internal battery


Advanced encryption algorithm, SM2+SM4 combination
Digital signature to authorize different level of configuring receiver
Inbuilt firewall, auto detect melicious attack. Dual system and configuration parameters backup
9-36V DC input with over-voltage protection. 3 DC input ports
Inbuilt 10000mAh li-ion battery supports continous work more than 20 hours. Auto charge inbuilt 
battery when external DC power is supplied

Device Interface

Front panel indicating light: Bluetooth, differential correction, WIFI, data logging, power, battery 
status Rj45: 1
Rs232: 2, support meteorology data, tilt sensor data and other sensor data USB port: 2, USB host, 
USB device
External DC supply: 3
PPS output interface: 1; Event maker input interface: 1 External frequency scale port:1
GNSS antenna port: 1 UHF antenna port: 1 SIM card slot: 1 GPRS antenna: 1  TF card slot: 1



Size Weight
Shock and drop Water/dust proof  Working temperature Storage temperature Non-condensing humidity

216X178X72 mm
2.25 Kg
Rugged alluminium shell, survive a 2 m dop IP68
-40 C-75 C
-45 C-85 C