Pix4D + Emlid Scanning Kit (Hardware Only)

Labrosse Consulting
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Mobile Scanning Kit: Accelerate your terrestrial data capture

Get high-precision 3D scans in minutes

Combining the Pix4D + Emlid Scanning Kit with the Emlid Reach RX gives you a cm accurate mobile terrestrial scanning solution.

The Reach RX can receive corrections from most NTRIP services including Polaris PointOne.  You can also run your own base station using an Emlid Reach RS2+ or RS3 with Emlid Caster.

Capture your data with the free Pix4Dcatch application, then export your data to Pix4Dcloud, Pix4Dmatic, or Pix4DMapper to process your data.

Integrated Emlid and Pix4D solution to get a digital model in minutes with survey-grade accuracy.  Scan your assets with your mobile phone, store online, annotate, measure, and share with your stakeholders.  Verify geolocated positions and visualize the project in Augmented Reality.

Pix4D + Emlid Scanning Kit includes:

  • Emlid handle
  • Leash
  • Allen key 3 mm
  • Tags (5 pcs)
  • Carrying case

– SPC+ Phone Case is not included. and must be purchased separately for iPhones.

– Pix4D Not included