Reach RX

Labrosse Consulting
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Network rover with centimeter accuracy

AnchorPocket-sized and lightweight rover for data collection with centimeter accuracy. Works with network corrections (NTRIP). Comes with the ReachView 3 app.

AnchorEasy to set up, no configuration required

Reach RX uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that allows you to connect and start surveying with your smartphone or tablet in a few seconds. Enable Bluetooth on your iOS or Android device, find your Reach RX in ReachView 3, add network correction credentials, and collect your first point. No setting to get wrong.

AnchorCentimeter accurate results

Reach RX tracks GPS/QZSS, Galileo, Glonass, and Beidou and gets a fix in under 5 seconds even in challenging conditions.

AnchorPocket-sized and lightweight

The weight of Reach RX is just 250 grams. Take it anywhere—it weighs less than a can of soda and fits in any glove compartment or a backpack pocket.

AnchorNo need for special training

With Reach RX, you can forget about spending time on in-person training and courses. Reach RX is designed to meet the expectations of both experienced professionals and non-surveyors who need to get highly-accurate results. Now anyone on the team can start using RTK.

AnchorCompact and rugged

250 grams

172 mm x 51 mm x 39 mm

Weight like a TV remote controller and able to be carried in your pocket.


RX is waterproof up to 1.5 m depth. All connectors are completely sealed and protected from water and dust with silicone plugs.

-20 to +65 °C (-4 to 149 °F)

We extensively tested Reach RX in conditions that simulate the coldest winters and hottest summers.

AnchorIndustrial battery

Li-Ion battery

Industrial battery that handles both high and low temperatures well.

16 hours of work
Full day of work for 1 hour of charging. You can charge on-the-go from any USB port and power bank with the cable that comes with Reach RX.

2000+ cycles

of charging and discharging while maintaining original capacity.