tBeacon Lighthouse Indego

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Professional participants in the Russian UAV market have already appreciated the quality and convenience of this miniature search beacon, developed and manufactured in Chelyabinsk by a very cool engineer Konstantin Sbitnev.
This beacon was not spared by Theodron.
Since the first release of Theodron, this tBeacon beacon has been installed in every Theodron.

We would like to dwell a little on the uniqueness of the lighthouse for Theodron:
in the summer of 2019, together with the developer of tBeacon, we released a unique firmware specially designed for Theodron.
The main feature of which is the ability NOT to turn off the beacon after flights.
Yes, you don't need to turn off the beacon. And the beauty is that the beacon monitors the "health" of its battery and decides to turn it off so that the battery does not "die".

This unique feature is not found in other Tbeacon lighthouses.

As always, Theodron company monitors the little things and makes corrections to the work of drones, GNSS boards, and even search beacons.
Friends. we have great news for Theodron Services.
According to our terms of reference, super engineer Konstantin Sbitnev has released a new radio beacon tBeacon Indigo!
Besides those goodies. which were implemented for us in the firmware for Amber-Theodron. now it is possible to power the beacon from 17 volts. Thus, there is no need to install additional 5V buck converters.